Our Temple

siri wijayaramaya

04 April 1943

The history of Siri Wijayaramaya alias Avasa Temple, in a nutshell is as follows;

Some years ago when one entered Dharmapala Place from Rajagiriya main road and walked straight about 200 meters, on his right hand side, on the narrow foot path he could have seen a small Avasage built out of cadjan, where a monk was living alone with a temporary place of worship. He had put up this Avasage (a building where monks reside) in 1937 on a plot of land offered to him by a pious devotee in the area. This monk, the chief incumbent, was late Sastrapathi Pandita Venerable Devundara Dharmarama Thero whose name is remembered by all in honour.

Our Nayaka Thero had often said that he had to experience tremendous hardships in course of time.
Although our late Nayaka Thero was the chief incum...

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Rajagiriya Mihindu Perehara


Arahant Maha Mahinda Thero arrived in Sri Lanka Dipa on Poson Full Moon Poya as the Head of the Buddhist Mission Comprising six other brilliant scholars, 236 years after the demise of the Buddha. Venerable Thero came here to propogate Dhamma (Buddhism) to people of Sri Lanka. His historical visit to Sri Lanka was an outcome of the Third Council (Dhamma Sangayana) which was held in Dambadiva (India) 236 years after the demise (Parinibbana) of the Lord Buddha, which council was headed by most Venerable Arahant Moggaliputtatissa Thero under the auspices of the lay disciple, Emperor Dharmasoka...

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Dharmasoka Dhamma School

Was inaugurated by late Rev. Devundara Dhammarama Thero in a Cadjan hut on the 04th of April 1943. Although the Dhamma School was started in a Cadjan hall a large number of pupils attended to Dhamma education. Every year our Dhamma School has shown good progress among other Dhamma Schools under Sasanarakshaka Balamandalaya at annual tests and competitions.

Temple organize prize-givings and Art and Craft exhibitions annually. About 300 students receive Dhamma education at this school.

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